Welcome To CLA USA

CLA Estate Services is offering a complimentary workshop in many cities across the United States that educate retirees on how to protect their assets and secure their retirement. These workshops are extensive, with information that will assist retirees on how to avoid costly mistakes that cause families to lose their financial independence.

CLA's Planning Workshop is focused on teaching how to simplify the estate planning process by using safe, proven, and conservative strategies.

Estate Preservation & Planning Workshop

You can join the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have learned:

  • How new changes affect you.
  • How to use these changes to your benefit.
  • How to protect your estate from needless costs.
  • How to reduce or eliminate paying income tax on your social security income.
  • How to maximize your IRA with these changes.
  • How to maintain control of your estate through your life and after.
  • The difference between a will and a revocable living trust for planning purposes

    Topics to be covered:

    • Annuities and Life Insurance
    • Tax Reduction Planning
    • Reducing income tax on social security
    • The pros and cons of Wills and Trusts
    • Long term health care concerns
    • What happens to your Estate when you die
    • Controlling distribution of your Estate
    • Why avoid joint accounts
    • Protecting liquid assets from creditors
    • How to avoid Probate
    • Avoiding Guardianship




Over 2000 of these workshops will be given this year across the United States by a company who has educated and assisted seniors for over 20 years. These workshops are presented by qualified professionals local to your area. Call (toll free) 866-252-8727 now to find out when the next workshop will be given in your area or click here
to email your request to know when we will be in your area.

CLA Estate Services is a premier provider of planning solutions designed to meet the needs of an ever-changing environment. For more information about CLA Companies click here.