Our Clients Say...

"We’re happy to have the opportunity to tell you how much and how well we’ve been taken care of by your representative, Matt. Since we had no hand in the choice, you must have assigned him to us after several months of interaction. We could not be more pleased with the results.

Matt is very personable, but is always business like in his work with us. I’m sure that we had some financial problem areas which required serious thought to work out to our benefit. But he kept at it until every problem was resolved. In one particular investment, we had been badly advised by a sales person, which resulted in a serious loss of money. With no suggestion from either the sales person, or the firm as to how to handle the ongoing loss of capital, Matt was able to work with the company involved to not only stop the continuing loss, but by reinvesting most what was left of another product, he came up with a satisfactory solution.

It is too involved to go into the detail in this letter, but we felt that the money saved in just this one situation made the work with CLA worthwhile. And the fact that we now have a valuable, workable, living trust is icing on the cake. We would truly have never thought of the solution Matt suggested and without his input would still be losing money each month. I have no idea what kind of Atta boy CLA gives representatives like Matt, but whatever you do, he has earned it. We also, have no idea what he thinks of us but we feel very strongly that he is a trusted friend, and he earned that as well.

We have and will continue to recommend him to other folks who would benefit from his experience. We’ve been impressed with the work of each person involved with CLA . . .

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to publicly thank CLA for your very special work on our behalf."
Bob & Betty M.

"How did we learn of CLA? My husband first leaned of the meeting and luncheon your representatives were holding in [removed] Kansas in 2002. Honey, I’m taking you out to lunch tomorrow, he said. And I was pretty cool with the idea, must be something up as he hardly ever suggested such a thing. What’s up, you hardly ever take me out, I replied. And I had some work I wanted to do tomorrow but, I gave in just to make him happy. There’s just one hitch, you will have to listen to some Estate Planning, he said. Well, I think we are finished, I replied. After all I won’t have to cook and I won’t have to pay and I won’t even be out of the office for half a day so, I can suffer through that.

After listening to the presentation, I was the first one to want to sign up for the representative to call on us. I didn’t understand all that I should know about our plan and I had heard something that wasn’t in our present plan. Randy was the first one to call on us. And although it was helpful I didn’t learn everything I needed to know.

So, now Tom calls on us and I’m still learning. We look forward to his visits and we three have a good time; talking, joking, and laughing - and we even get some business done. He’s gone out of his way to help us with our loose ends and combine our assets. I keep having questions and ideas to search out. I think the Estate Planning is a living instrument to be amended as needed. And hopefully, your able representative will continue to be an asset with his knowledge in the coming year."

Thank you,
Delores & A.J. S.

"We attended at least four different seminars that dealt with Estate Planning and ordered literature from several places, but we always came away unsure, confused and not knowing what to do. That was until we attended the CLA seminar last fall. The booklet that they provided and the words of the presenter finally cleared up most of our concerns.

Throughout this whole process, Kelly, our home office representative kept in touch with us and helped make sure our needs were met. If someone asked what we thought about having a trust we would say it mostly benefits our children. The cost of a trust is outweighed by a savings dividend. For us it mainly provides benefits if one or both of us need guardianship care and it gives us peace of mind that our finances are protected from unnecessary costs.

Also, to do the trust right, it requires some time and dedication up front plus ongoing updating as needed. This last half is aided by CLA’s yearly visits over our lifetimes. It certainly has been a positive experience working with a Class A business like CLA."

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M.

"We got our newsletter today and it said that if you had had a positive experience with a CLA rep that to please call in. And lots of times we are so eager to call in negative comments, that this time I wanted to call in some positive information.

We have had a very positive experience with Ted. He has helped us with some life insurance that we had him upgrade that for us and we feel like that was a plus for us.

. . . He seems to be a very caring person and he has helped us tremendously. He seems to be a real down to earth and a very helpful person. So, I just wanted to pass these comments along and I think he represents your company well."

So I hope you all have a good day today,
James and Anne L.



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